Gin price 50 euro.    
Gisela Mayer
  • Item Nr: 3276
  • Product Type: Hair Piece
  • Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber
  • Characteristics:
  • Base Size:
  • Hair Length: 35 cm
  • Attachment Method: Butterfly Claw Clip
  • Product Weight: n/a


The traditional ponytail with playful curls will refresh your look and allow you to see yourself in a new light and feel fashionable. This hairpiece design will look appropriate wherever you wear it. With this hairpiece, your neck will appear longer, and your posture will look upright and confident. Combining the hairpiece with various accessories, headbands or scarves, you can achieve amazing results. Growing long hair is time-consuming and troublesome. Get luxurious strands today.

  Characteristics of the model:

A butterfly claw clip is a spring-tension pinch clip that consists of two combs that clasp together when shut. To secure the hairpiece, create a ponytail, bun, or tease your hair, and then attach the butterfly clip to your hair.

Gin price 50 euro.
Art. 3276
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