Pony 166 Long price 40 euro.    
Gisela Mayer
  • Item Nr: 3364
  • Product Type: Fringe
  • Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber
  • Characteristics: Wefted
  • Base Size: 10 x 5 cm
  • Hair Length: 15-30 cm
  • Attachment Method: Snap Comb Clips
  • Product Weight: n/a


The eye-catching fringe with longer side bangs will improve the face oval and lay additional emphasis on the eyes. This top piece will perfectly complement your hairstyle, draw attention to your best features and let you look fresh and fashionable every day. A minimum time to create a trendy hairstyle and a wide room for experimentation are the indisputable advantages of a faux fringe. Give your fringe a blatantly negligent look, sweep it to the side or make it eye-skimming, tuck one of the side bangs behind the ear. These will be absolutely different hairstyles. If you wish to follow the latest trends in fashion, then this fringe will be a happy find for you.

  Characteristics of the model:

The traditional base constructed from wefts provides breathability, coolness and comfort in wearing. The moderate price of such model makes it affordable for any customer. A few pressure sensitive clips have been designed into the hair piece to provide attachment to the existing hair. The clips are easy to use, secure and durable.

To secure the clip, slide the teeth side of the open clip into your hair and press on the outside edges till you hear or feel a distinctive "snap" meaning that the clip is closed and attached to your strands. To open the clip, bend it in the other direction.

Pony 166 Long price 40 euro.
Art. 3364
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