GM07 price 20 euro.    
Gisela Mayer
  • Item Nr: 3391
  • Product Type: Hair Scrunchies
  • Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber
  • Characteristics:
  • Base Size:
  • Hair Length: 14 cm
  • Attachment Method: Elastic Band
  • Product Weight: n/a


A hair wrap made with tousled strands will give your hairdo a fashionable messy look. A hair piece with an unconventional design, that will make you feel irresistible and give you self-confidence. Even with a short cut, your can sport an ingenious hairdo. No time to visit a hair salon? Just use this hairpiece to improve your appearance at once.

  Characteristics of the model:

A traditional scrunchie made with hair locks can be successfully used both as an attachment for ponytails and buns, and as a separate adornment for a hairdo. Just add it to your hair for an instant effect.

GM07 price 20 euro.
Art. 3391
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