Emily price 7 650 rub.    
  • SKU: 2551-3472
  • Product Type:
  • : Synthetic Hair , Kanekalon
  • Cap Construction: ,
  • Cap Size:
  • Approximate Length: 23 cm
  • Product Weight:
  • Ideal Face Shape:

The style behind the inspiration

Short haircut with a side swept fringe, expressed volume in the back and flawless proportions will perfect the form of the head and the face oval. If you are a kind, compassionate and a bit romantic person yet far from being too simple, this design is for you.

  Characteristics of the model:

The top part of the cap is Double Monofilament imitating human scalp. The inner layer of Monofilament has a soft and smooth coating, that feels like silk against the skin while wearing this wig. The front edge in the forehead area is made from a delicate fabric to which the hairs of the fringe are tied by hand. Minimum thickness of the edge allows the wig to look neat even when the fringe is lifted. There are elements of polyurethane (silicone) added to the base of the wig in certain places. When applied on the scalp, they hold the wig in place and prevent it from slipping from the head.

Emily price 7 650 rub.
Art. 2551-3472
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