Emotion price 35 500 rub.    
Ellen Wille
  • Item Nr: 3722
  • Product Type:
  • Hair Type: Human Hair (Remy Hair)
  • Cap Construction:
  • Cap Size:
  • Hair Length: Overall - 45 cm
  • Product Weight:
  • Ideal Face Shape:


Multi-layered haircut on human hair gives you freedom for transformation. Straight bangs or delicate curls, sleek hairstyle or rich volume, stylish artistic mess or accurate styling will help you create an image for the office, for a cocktail party and for a picnic. Moody like the sea – this is about you.

100% hand-tied wig. The hairs are hand-tied to the cap of the wig separately, which gives them freedom of movement typical for natural hair. Natural-looking, lightweight and seamless, this wig provides full comfort and can be worn continuously. The base of this wig is crafted on a thin soft mesh, providing the supreme level of comfort during the wear. The top of the cap has an inset of Monofilament that imitates the scalp and gives naturalness to the hairstyle. Invisible front hairline - Lace Front - allows to style the fringe as you like or to brush it up. There are elements of polyurethane (silicone) added to the base of the wig in certain places. When applied on the scalp, they hold the wig in place and prevent it from slipping from the head. The wig cap construction gives you abundant scope for hair styling.

Emotion price 35 500 rub.
Art. 3722
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