Overnight Scalp Treatment 237 ml price 50 euro.    
Hair Support
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Overnight Scalp Treatment (Step 3 of hair treatment) Patented dehydrotestosterone (DTH) blocking product, providing the deep cleansing of the hair follicles and the scalp, which enables the hair to grow. Overnight scalp treatment makes it possible to get rid of the old horny cells, and the fatty acids which are accumulated on the scalp surface. Due to that the pores are cleaned, the toxins are withdrawn, and it enables the new hair to go through. The treatment improves the nutrition of the hair roots, empowers their growth, stimulates the scalp tonus, and enriches it with oxygen.   Daily using of this product will provide the creation of the environment for the hair revitalization and improvement of the outlook. Overnight treatment is absolutely harmless, it positively influences the state and structure of the hair and helps to get rid of many problems: peeling, itching, extra greasiness, hair loss; it does not damage the natural hair structure and avoid the development of dermatitis on the scalp. One bottle is prescribed for one month of usage. The best result of revitalization and hair growth support is reached in case of using of the whole complex of products. Hair Support – is the unique complex for hair growth revitalization (treatment and care after the weak hair, hair loss treatment), based on the ancient Indian Ayurveda medicine (“the knowledge of life”), patented by the Japanese corporation Aderans Group. It is recommended for both weak hair treatment and for healthy hair support. Learn more about Hair Support. Full instructions on the use of each tool of this complex can be found on this page.

Overnight Scalp Treatment 237 ml price 50 euro.
Art. 80913-3749
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