Shaping Spray 237 ml price 40 euro.    
Hair Support
  • Item Nr: 80914-3750
  • Product Type: Hair Treatment
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  • Volume: 237 ml
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Shaping Spray (Step 5 of hair treatment) The spray helps to fix the hairdo, it influences the thick and weak hair carefully, adding smoothness and sparkle to them. It has the light structure, which does not make the hair heavier, letting them stay light and lush. One bottle is prescribed for one month of usage. The best result of revitalization and hair growth support is reached in case of using of the whole complex of products. Hair Support – is the unique complex for hair growth revitalization (treatment and care after the weak hair, hair loss treatment), based on the ancient Indian Ayurveda medicine (“the knowledge of life”), patented by the Japanese corporation Aderans Group. It is recommended for both weak hair treatment and for healthy hair support. Learn more about Hair Support. Full instructions on the use of each tool of this complex can be found on this page.

Shaping Spray 237 ml price 40 euro.
Art. 80914-3750
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