Wig Cap Bamboo price 20 euro.    
Ellen Wille
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Hypoallergenic wig cap. Composition: Bamboo - 95%, Spandex - 5%. The stretchy wig cap made from bamboo fabric is designed to be worn under a wig. The soft, breathable, pleasant to touch material will create the sense of comfort, protect the scalp against friction, and also serve as an element of additional fixation of the wig on the head. Bamboo fabric is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from bamboo pulp. Does not cause allergic reactions, does not irritate skin, shields from UV rays, has bactericidal properties and inhibits the growth of pathogens, prevents fungal contamination and multiplication of dust mites. Is highly absorbent.

Comes in colour shown in the photo.

Wig Cap Bamboo price 20 euro.
Art. 3871
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