Kris price 15 900 rub.    
Revlon action 12 720 rub.    
  • Item Nr: 6703-3879
  • Product Type:
  • Hair Type: Human Hair
  • Cap Construction:
  • Cap Size:
  • Hair Length: Overall - 25 cm
  • Product Weight:
  • Ideal Face Shape:

  The style behind the inspiration:

Elegant and laconic short haircut will perfectly complement any image. Added volume will improve the shape of the head, and possibility to use a curling iron and hair curlers will allow to give the hairstyle a flavour of playfulness, romance and even provocation. You are in charge of your appearance.

  Characteristics of the model:

The top part of the wig is based on Monofilament imitating human scalp and natural hair growth. It gives full scope to your imagination - feel free to change the shape of your hairdo, to change the position and the direction of the parting and to restyle the hair the way you want. The nape part of the wig cap is wefted. The wefts are stretchable and the wig sits securely and comfortably against the head of any form. It also allows to tuck your own hair under the wig cap. This wig design will let you feel easy and confident.

Kris price 15 900 rub.
Art. 6703-3879 action 12 720 rub.
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