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Christine Headwear
  • Item Nr: 1255-4728
  • Product Type: Beanie / Pull On Hat
  • Collection: Christine Headwear - Viva (Denmark)
  • Size: Average
  • Fabric: Viscose - 47,5 %, Cotton - 47,5 %, Spandex - 5 %
  • Lining: Yes
  • Please Note: The product comes in colour on the photo


This cozy and stylish warm hat is a must-have for cool season. It will keep the chill off and allow you to feel comfortable even in bad weather. This piece of headwear fits snug yet not tight, keeps you toasty warm yet allows your scalp to breathe, can be successfully combined with coats and jackets, and may well become the spice of your image.

The elastic incased at the back of the item allows to easily pull it on and hold it securely on the head.

  Fabric of the Main Product:


Vita price 40 euro.
Art. 1255-4728
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