Medium Top Piece Mono price 190 euro.    
  • Item Nr: 751-4740
  • Product Type:
  • Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber
  • Characteristics: Monofilament
  • Base Size: 13,3 х 14,6 cm
  • Hair Length: 20,5 cm
  • Attachment Method: Snap Comb Clips
  • Product Weight: 45 gr


A high-quality hair piece designed to add volume or density to your hair. The right choice of a colour shade will allow it to blend seamlessly into your own hair and have a very natural look. This top piece will perfectly complement your hairstyle, draw attention to your best features and let you look fresh and fashionable every day. The almost weightless top  piece is breathable and will not make you feel uncomfortable. Secure and easy fixation makes it handy and enjoyable. Use hair styling products to give your hairdo a beautiful finish.

  Characteristics of the model:

The base of the topper is Monofilament that gives the appearance of your own scalp. Each hair in this section is knotted individually by hand, which provides the effect of natural hair growth and results in the most realistic look. This type of a hair piece base allows to part the hair in any direction that is needed for your hairstyle. The well-conceived density of this hair piece creates volume that does not look bulky. To distinguish this hair piece from biological hair would be difficult even for a professional. Use the discreet small pressure sensitive clips on the underside of the base for an accurate and comfortable fit. This small feature allows to fix the topper on the head without exterior help.

To secure the clip, slide the teeth side of the open clip into your hair and press on the outside edges till you hear or feel a distinctive "snap" meaning that the clip is closed and attached to your strands. To open the clip, bend it in the other direction.

Medium Top Piece Mono price 190 euro.
Art. 751-4740
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