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Ellen Wille
  • Item Nr: 4894
  • Product Type: Hair Band
  • Collection: Ellen Wille - Ellen
  • Size: Average
  • Fabric: Cotton - 95 %, Elastane - 5 %
  • Lining:
  • Please Note: The cap on the photo is not included


Sophisticated and elegant, this headband in subtle shades will adorn any woman and enhance her appeal and allure. The admirers of creative accessories will absolutely love the versatility and comfort of this piece of headwear. The multitude of shapes and ways of wearing and styling the headband make it the ideal complement that helps highlight your unique character.

  Fabric of the Main Product:

Elastane, or Spandex, is a widely used synthetic material capable of high stretch. It is generally used blended with other man-made or natural fibers to improve their performance characteristics. In composition of blends, elastane increases shape retention and accelerates crease recovery; fabrics containing it have a nice drape which allows to style items made from them. Beside extraordinary elasticity, elastane is air permeable and durable, light, easy to wash, colour fast and resistant to distortions, abrasion and sun rays.


Bando price 30 euro.
Art. 4894
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