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  • Item Nr: 6612-4994
  • Product Type:
  • Hair Type: Human Hair
  • Characteristics: Monofilament
  • Base Size: 14,3 x 14 cm
  • Hair Length: 12 - 30,5 cm
  • Attachment Method: Snap Comb Clips
  • Product Weight: 60 gr


The ultra lightweight top piece will hide the area of sparse or thin hair at the top part of the head. It perfectly blends with long hair and looks absolutely natural. This accessory will help you to create additional volume and, at the same time, will give the desired shape to your hairdo. Style the postiche using regular hair styling products, or ask your hair stylist to cut it to achieve bright expression and harmony of style.

The secure and easy attachment type allows to fix your hair effortlessly.

  Characteristics of the model:

Discreet Topper price 0 rub.
Art. 6612-4994
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