Add-on Crown price 320 euro.    
Распродажа action 192 euro.    
  • Item Nr: 5267
  • Product Type:
  • Hair Type: Human Hair
  • Characteristics: Monofilament
  • Base Size: 10.1 x 10.1 cm
  • Hair Length: 30.5 cm
  • Attachment Method: Snap Comb Clips
  • Product Weight: n/a


A hair piece for the crown and the nape area of the scalp is the ideal solution if you need to conceal new hair growth or cover the hair with low density. The natural look and ease of fixation make it even more attractive. This accessory will help you to create additional volume and, at the same time, will give the desired shape to your hairdo.

  Characteristics of the model:

The Monofilament inset is an important feature of this model. Each hair in this area is hand-tied to a mesh base, which creates the illusion of natural hair growth and allows the hair of the piece to move freely. This hair enhancement will look like your own hair even when examined up close. The well-conceived density of this hair enhancement creates volume that does not look bulky. The topper secures easily with built-in small pressure sensitive clips. It is a simple and secure attachment that will in any circumstances keep the piece firmly in place through a busy day.

To secure the clip, slide the teeth side of the open clip into your hair and press on the outside edges till you hear or feel a distinctive "snap" meaning that the clip is closed and attached to your strands. To open the clip, bend it in the other direction.

Add-on Crown price 320 euro.
Art. 5267 action 192 euro.
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