EasiPart French HH 18" price 0 rub.    
  • Item Nr: 741-5509
  • Product Type:
  • Hair Type: Human Hair (Remy Hair)
  • Characteristics: Monofilament, PU
  • Base Size: 7 x 12,7 cm
  • Hair Length: 46 cm
  • Attachment Method: Snap Comb Clips, Polyurethane
  • Product Weight: 54 gr


This excellent model gives extra volume and adds density to your hair at the top of the head. It will cover sparse or thin hair, remaining discreet and without hurting the overall natural look of your hairdo.

A great way to instantly change not only your hairdo, but your appearance on the whole, as well as to add charm and specialness to your look. Depending on the outfit, it will help to create a strict formal look or a feminine and romantic style.

  Characteristics of the model:

EasiPart French HH 18" price 0 rub.
Art. 741-5509
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