Conditioner SH 250 ml price 30 euro.    
Carl M Lundh
  • Item Nr: 80046-556
  • Product Type: Intensive Care
  • Application: Synthetic Hair
  • Special Ingredients:
  • Volume: 250 ml
  • Dimensions:

Special conditioner for synthetic hair. Designed for effective protection of synthetic fibers from UV harmful rays and other external factors. Provides reliable protection of the hair against drying and colour fading, restores original hair texture. Does not weigh hair down and does not cause it to stick together, leaves the strands flexible and supple. A must for summer months when heat and sunlight cause the hair of the wig to dry and fade faster.

The manufacturer recommends that you use this product on a regular basis and in combination with the other care products included in this line. You will find the guide to washing and care procedures for Human and Synthetic hair on this page.

Conditioner SH 250 ml price 30 euro.
Art. 80046-556
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