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Find Your Style



The hairstyle is a most powerful tool to create and change your look. An understanding of its basics can open up limitless potential for managing your appearance, and ignoring them may not only damage it but also harm your image.


What is the secret of a good hairstyle?

There are no beautiful or ugly hairstyles. There is only one criterion, and it is whether the hairstyle and the person are compatible. Different hairstyles can make one and the same person look completely different: great, simply well, ridiculous, or even terrible. The secret of a good hairstyle is the harmony between your face and the style you’ve chosen.


Determine your face type

To give you a simplified idea of it, all faces are traditionally classified into seven main types: Oval, Round, Square, Diamond, Heart, Pear, and Oblong. So, before you begin to search for your new look you have to determine your face type.

Now come up to the mirror, brush your hair away from your face, so that it will be completely open, and encircle the contour of your reflection. The result will give you an answer about your face type.


Find out what will become you

Face Shape Oval


The width of the forehead and chin is smaller than the width of the cheekbones. The height of the face is greater than its width, the contour lines are smooth, with no angles.

This is the perfect face type, which allows for wearing all types of hairstyles of different shapes and lengths.
As the Oval has been recognized as the standard of attractiveness, the main goal of selecting hairstyles for the other face types is to find such a style that would make the face resemble the Oval as much as possible.


Rounded hairline and chin line. The width of the face is almost as great as its height.

Face Shape RoundTo correct the proportions towards the Oval, it is necessary to visually elongate the face. The hair on the back of the head and on the sides must be set as close to the head as possible.

  • Haircuts with elongated strands on the sides
  • Short asymmetric haircuts
  • Long fringe combed to one side, or side fringe
  • Multilayered haircuts and long hair


  • Short puffy and smooth hairstyles
  • Bobs with strands curled towards the face
  • Haircuts with same-length locks
  • Central parting
  • Even-cut or arch-shaped fringes



Straight hairline. The width of the forehead, of the cheekbones, and the height of the face is almost the same. A pronounced square chin.
Face Shape Square

The main task is to create smoother lines, to soften the angles, and to round out the face.


  • Haircuts on long or medium-length wavy hair
  • Short haircuts with much volume on the top and on the sides
  • Elongated or short side fringe styled to one side
  • Colors with highlighting to create an illusion of more volume


  • Smooth hair
  • Central parting
  • Even-cut fringe



The width of the forehead and chin is significantly smaller than the width of the cheekbones. The chin is often pointed.
Face Shape Diamond

It is necessary to soften the angles, to distract the attention from the straight lines, and to balance the wide and narrow areas of the face.


  • A-shaped haircuts, with feathering and layers
  • Covered cheeks and cheekbones
  • Straight fringe, or styled to one side


  • Much volume on the top and on the sides
  • Ultra-short haircuts
  • Central parting



The hairline has a triangular point in the center and forms rounded arches closer to the edges of the head. The forehead and cheekbones have almost the same width. The chin is narrow or pointed.
Face Shape Heart

It is necessary to conceal the width of the forehead and to shift the emphasis from the upper third of the face to its lower part. The hair must be set closer to the head, temples and eyes, and at the same time more volume must be added at the cheekbones and chin.


  • Chin-length and longer haircuts, with layers, feathering, and/or slight waves
  • Fringes styled to one side, side fringes, bisected fringes


  • Put-up hairstyles and much volume in the top part of the head
  • Central parting
  • Even-cut fringe



Long face significantly narrowed in its upper part. The width of the forehead is smaller than the width of the cheekbones. The cheeks are full, the chin line is rounded and massive.
Face Shape Pear

It is necessary to balance the proportions of the upper and lower parts of the face. Some great options will be short haircuts with pronounced volume, layers, and loose strands.


  • Multilayered haircuts with feathering on medium-length or long hair
  • Short haircuts with elongated strands at the front
  • Deep side parting
  • A fringe styled to one side or bisected


  • Volume at chin level and lower
  • Central parting




High forehead, straight hairline. The width of the cheekbones is almost as great as that of the forehead and chin. The height of the face is significantly greater than its width, which makes the face look thin.
Face Shape Oblong

To create an oval it is necessary to use voluminous haircuts on wavy hair, which would be shoulder-length and longer.


  • Multilayered haircuts with feathering or cascade on medium-length and long hair
  • Thick multilayered fringe
  • Colors with highlighting


  • Chin-length hairstyles
  • Smooth hair
  • Central parting
  • Much volume in the top area
  • Clear contours and even cuts



Of course the information outlined above is not a universal instruction. In actual fact, anybody’s face is unique and has its own special features. We recommend that you experiment with different styles and colors, as this is the only way to find the perfect variant that will make you look brighter, younger, and more attractive.



Concealing the drawbacks


Double Chin, Large Nose
The main goal is to shift the accents to the other parts of the face. To do that, use haircuts with layers, waves, feathering, or cascade. Asymmetry, strands clinging to the face, side fringes, and non-uniform hair color are great options too. Avoid clear lines, smooth hair and ultra-short haircuts.

Short Neck
Choose a put-up hairstyle or a short haircut that will leave your neck open. A V-shaped line of hair in the back of your head will make the neck look longer too.

Large Head
Avoid short voluminous hairstyles, perming, small curls, straight and flattened hair, which will put even more emphasis on the head. Instead, give preference to a multilayered haircut on wavy hair that would be shoulder-length or slightly longer.

Older Age
To solve this task, you should choose the most dynamic style. An illusion of flying hair, lightness and airiness always make a person look fresher and consequently younger. Hairstyles involving the modern methods of hair cutting (such as feathering, graduation, asymmetry, cascade, shag) and dyeing will allow you to change your appearance in moderation or radically. As for smooth and/or heavy thick hair, straight lines and even cuts, these options are not recommended because they would place greater focus on your face and age.

Asymmetric Face
The best solution is a long side fringe and careless styling of the hair.



Now when you have an idea of the main rules and techniques for hairstyle selection, see which style will make your appearance more advantageous and attractive: