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Choose Hair Type

Human Hair or Synthetic Hair?





A properly selected wig can make anybody beautiful. But when you need to select one, there arises the inevitable question about the product’s hair type. So, should you choose human hair or synthetic hair?


It isn't difficult to understand what exactly will be suitable for you. All you have to do to make up your mind about your preference is to answer a few basic questions:


1. What do you expect of the wig? And in particular:

  • How much time are you ready to devote to styling the wig every day: 5 minutes, or 50?
  • Do you want to have a possibility to change the texture and color of your alternative hair?
  • Does your wig’s hair have to look as natural as possible?


2. How much money are you planning to spend on buying your wig?


After you answer these questions, a little bit of knowledge about the advantages and drawbacks of human and synthetic hair will help you make the final decision.





A wide variety of types and compositions of fibers is used in the production of synthetic hair wigs. You don't need to know all of them. It is enough to remember that well-known brands are interested in using high-quality fibers that most closely resemble human hair visually and by feel.



  • Always ready for use, keeping their shape after washing
  • Care and styling does not require specialized skills and is not time-consuming
  • Affordable prices
  • A wide selection of colors
  • Lighter weight



  • Getting deformed at high temperatures, for example when blow-dried or exposed to hot air from an oven
  • They cannot be curled or dyed
  • Shorter service life
  • Reflecting light (shine) when exposed to bright directed light, such as a camera flash



A synthetic hair wig will become a great option for those people who have no experience of wearing a wig, as well as for those who do not plan to spend much money on buying one, or much time on styling the hair and looking after the wig.

Special mention should be made of synthetic heat-resistant hair than can sustain high temperatures and is ready for styling. This type of fiber appeared at the beginning of this century and is developing rapidly, claiming the status of the “hair of the future”. But the most high-quality samples of this fiber are almost as expensive as human hair. As of today, the main drawback of heat-resistant hair is its short life compared to human hair.





Human hair wigs are mostly made out of hair that has Asian and European origin. The former ones are cheaper and have lower quality. The most popular ones with the best combination of appearance, characteristics and price are Asian hair wigs marked Remy Hair.



  • Absolutely realistic appearance
  • Do not reflect light, have a natural glow of real hair
  • Can be curled, and dyed in some cases
  • Long service life


  • High cost
  • Have to be styled regularly
  • High requirements to the knowledge of the care procedure
  • Sensitive to humidity
  • Heavier weight
  • Narrow choice of shades
  • Sunlight causes the color to fade


In the recent times, wigs made from a mix of heat-resistant synthetic hair and human hair have been found more and more often. This is an advantageous compromise in terms of the quality to price ratio, as they still have almost all the qualities intrinsic to human hair wigs, while being less expensive. 



A wig made from human hair can satisfy its owner in every aspect, help them gain self-confidence and confidence in their attractiveness. But this all is possible only in case that you are ready to bear expenses and sacrifice your time to handle the wig unhurriedly and carefully and to look after it.



What else can be of significance when you choose the hair type?


The expected duration of use of the wig

If you know how long you are going to need the wig you will be able to make the right choice. A synthetic hair wig will be more suitable for a short period of time, and a human hair wig for a longer period.


The service life

The frequency of use determines the service life of any product. A wig requires care only if its hair looks dirty. Do not wash the wig just for the sake of washing it. A synthetic hair wig has to be washed on the average once per 8-10 days of use. Human hair, due to being treated with care products more often, may need washing a little more frequently. When used every day, a synthetic wig can serve for 6 months to one year, and a human hair one for a year or longer.


Availability of leisure time and creative energy

If you have enough leisure time to spare and enough creative energy, styling your human hair wig and looking after it will be a pleasure for you. Otherwise, you should opt for a synthetic hair wig.


Where you are going to wear the wig

In a hot and humid climate it is better to opt for synthetic hair that maintain its shape in any conditions. Human hair will require everyday styling under the same circumstances.


How many wigs do you need to have

Practice shows that one needs to have at least two wigs for constant use. These can be identical, similar, or completely different models. As it is quite expensive to have two human hair wigs, you can replace one of them with a synthetic wig and use it for less significant events.



If you have already understood which type of hair is suitable for your interests, please view the most interesting models