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Choose a Wig Color




Selecting a wig color is a process that requires some knowledge because the hair color can change your whole appearance. The hair color can make you look younger, or age you on the contrary; it can highlight the advantages or shift the emphasis in your appearance.

Having a clear idea of what you are looking for will make the choice of hair shade much easier, so you should first of all decide what result you expect to achieve: whether you want to maintain your habitual color, to make small corrections to it, or to choose a completely new shade.

The main rule for choosing the hair color is that it must harmoniously match the color of your skin and eyes. Maintaining this balance in your appearance allows for creating the most advantageous looks. For example, cold shades of blonde, light brown or brown color are very becoming to women who have pale skin and cold grey or blue eyes, and goldish caramel or chestnut shades, as well as warm shades of light brown and blonde color, will be a good match for naturally fair, ivory or olive-tinted skin and green or hazel eyes.

If you have made up your mind about the desired hair shade, proceed directly to selecting the wig color.




1. Making your choice using the picture of the color on the website

Each wig model is produced in different colors. Go to the Color Selection tab to see the available colors and to choose the most appropriate one.

If you want to see what the whole wig looks like in the color in question, use Site Search to find photos or 3D images of other wigs in the same color. To do that, select the desired search direction and begin typing the name of the color you are looking for in the box.

It is important to understand that a picture in the website can only roughly convey the color of the product, and there is no guarantee that it will be an exact match to the real color. The end image on the screen of your device depends on a number of reasons that cannot be taken into account.


2. The service of the Color Ring temporary use

Any wig manufacturer has one or more color rings in their product line, which make it possible to see and understand the real hair color of this brand’s products.

If you have already chosen the model but still have doubts about the color selection, use our service of temporary use of the color ring and order it to make the right choice of the color.

After you have selected the product color you can send the ring back to us and be reimbursed the full cost of it.

3. Consultation with our specialist

We are always ready to assist you with choosing the wig color. Please feel free to contact us using any one of the methods specified in the Contacts section. 

For the result of the collaborative color selection to come up to your expectations, please prepare the following information and materials before the consultation:

  • Two or more photos of you in different lighting environments;

  • If you use a wig already, let us know its brand, model and color.

  • Describe by words the desired color, what you want to highlight, or what result to achieve.



1. One and the same color will look differently in different models depending on the following:

- Hair type. A color will look warmer on human hair than on synthetic hair. 

- Hair length. For example, the colors of hair with a dark root effect will make short-hair models look generally darker than the same color on long-hair models due to the different distribution of shades.

- Hair texture. Straight and curly hair will reflect light differently, which has an impact on the perception of its color.

2. Ambient lighting is the main factor that changes the hair color. The color will always look different outdoors or indoors, in sunny or cloudy weather.

3. Do not choose a color that is more than 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural hair color if you are changing the shade of your hair for the first time. This way you will be able to avoid changing to a new color too abruptly, and will not get disappointed in your choice.

4. Warm light shades make your face look fresher and several years younger, while dark ones make you look stricter and older. When you need to liven up or you then your look, to make your hair more voluminous and add effects of light, it is recommended that you choose wigs with non-uniformly colored hair: darker roots, hair highlighting, lightened ends.