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  • Misu | Black Taupe
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  • Misu | Antique Rose/Leaves
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  • Misu | Bordeaux
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  • Misu | Flora
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  • Misu | Black Abstract
  • Misu | Black Flower
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Item Nr: 1724

Product Type: Bandana

Collection: Ellen Wille - Ellen's Headwear

Size: Average

Fabric: Cotton - 100 %

Lining: Cotton - 100 %

Please Note: Fabric composition may change depending on the colour of the item


The lovely bandana scarf made from lightweight fabric is a popular accessory that has long ago consolidated itself as one of the most stylish head coverings. It is a comfortable, versatile piece of clothing that can serve both as a common adornment, and protection from sun and wind.

The elastic incased at the back of the item allows to easily pull it on and hold it securely on the head.

  Fabric of the Main Product:

Cotton is an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic vegetable fabric. It is breathable, pleasantly tactile, absorbent, and doesn't build up static electricity. You will always feel comfortable in items made from cotton.


Ellen's Headwear is a vibrant collection of headwear made by the German company ELLEN WILLE. The wide variety of hats, kerchiefs and bands, as well as the great choice of colors from tranquil pastel colors to bright and bold prints, can please and adorn many women.

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