Wig Accessory Wig Cap Nylon

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Wig Accessory Wig Cap Nylon

  • Wig Cap Nylon

Item Nr: 1966

Product Type: Wig Accessory

Wig cap.

Composition: Nylon 100%.

Used for even distribution and fixation of existing hair under a wig, and also for protection and hygiene of the scalp. Gathers hair together concealing it and taming rebellious tendrils. In case of total hair loss, it will protect the sensitive scalp against friction and provide additional fixation of the wig on the head.

One size fits all.

Once you've put on your wig, make sure that the edges of the wig cap underneath it are not showing, especially in the forehead area and at the temples.

Comes in colour shown in the photo.

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