Wig Accessory Wig Cap

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  • Wig Cap

Item Nr: 1967

Product Type: Wig Accessory

Stretchable wig cap.

Composition: Nylon, Cotton.

Allows to secure and hide the existing hair under the wig, or, in case of total hair loss, acts as a protective layer between the scalp and the wig base. The weightless stretchy mesh net wig cap feels soft, conveniently adjusts to the head’s size, and is highly breathable for maximum comfort.

The mesh net wig cap is designed with an open top. It allows to evenly distribute and secure the bulk of your existing hair under the wig with just a few easy movements.

Three simple steps: 1. Slip the mesh net over head and pull it down around the neck. 2. Pull it up to the front hairline, and behind the ears, and then stretch upwards - it will evenly gather the hair together and flatten it down on its way. 3. Tuck the excess hair into the open top and distribute it under the mesh net, then fold and close the top with hair pins.

One size fits all. Reusable item.

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