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Item Nr: 1978

Product Type: Ladies' Wig

Hair Type: Synthetic Hair

Hair Length: Overall - 24 cm

Cap Construction: Wefted, Lace Front, Antislip PU System

Cap Size: 51-53 cm

Product Weight: 57 gr

Ideal Face Shape: Oval, Pear

  Style Inspiration:

Ultra short haircut with subtle volume in the top area attracts attention to the face, underlining its features and giving you a younger look. Will perfectly do to create the image of a little bit naughty, energetic and decisive person.

  Characteristics of the model:

Machine made wig. The cap is created on elastic wefts, is stretchy and ideally matches the shape of the head. The wig is safely secured on the head, has a good air ventilation effect and guarantees the feeling of comfort even if you wear the wig continuously.

In the top area of the cap there has been added a lining made from soft material that protects the scalp from friction. This additional feature will be especially appreciated by those having sensitive scalp.

The front edge of the wig is a thin sheer Lace Front to which hairs are tied by hand. The mesh remains undetectable and sits tight against your head, and the line of hair growth looks absolutely natural.

For additional security, the inner side of the wig cap is lined with polyurethane strips which form an effective anti-slip system. When applied on the scalp, they firmly adhere to it and safely fix the wig on the head.

The piece has been made from high-quality Modacrylic fiber that mimics the appearance of biological hair and is available in a wide range of realistic colour shades.

The French company NJ CREATION specializes in the production of medical wigs, therefore it knows everything about the comfort and aesthetic qualities of alternative hair products. They have the Antislip patented unique technology in their arsenal, the best synthetic and natural fibers of absolutely realistic color shades, and an amazing choice of eloquent haircuts that can reveal your beauty in the best way possible. Choose NJ CREATION to get the style and quality from true experts.

  Tips and how-to's:

It is important to give your new Synthetic Hair piece as much care and protection as possible, so make sure that you invest only in good quality products. The professional Hair Tip Liquid will prevent hair from tangling and help you avoid the formation of split ends, will make the strands soft to the touch and easy to manage.

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