Ladies' Wig Alexa Mono Lace Large

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  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 12/26/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 8/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 830/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 830/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 830/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 830/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 830/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 830/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 830/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 830/27
  • Alexa Mono Lace Large | 830/27

Item Nr: 4223

Product Type: Ladies' Wig

Hair Type: Synthetic Hair

Hair Length: Overall - 25 cm

Cap Construction: Monofilament Top, Lace Front

Cap Size: 57-59 cm

Product Weight: 62 gr

Ideal Face Shape: Oval, Square, Pear

  Style Inspiration:

Impressive, multi-layered haircut with a short fringe and structured bangs looks especially stylish due to a touch of carelessness which is so fashionable nowadays. The universality and naturalness of this hairdo are the important selection criteria for self-confident women who are aware of fashion trends.

  Characteristics of the model:

The top part of the wig is based on Monofilament that imitates human scalp and natural hair growth. It gives you full discretion - feel free to change the shape of your hairdo, change the position and the direction of the parting and restyle the hair the way you want.

For the most natural look, the wig has an invisible front hairline - Lace Front, which allows to lift the fringe or brush it back to achieve the stunning effect of live hair.

The back of the wig cap is wefted. The wefts are stretchy and the wig sits securely and comfortably against the head of any shape. It also allows to tuck your own hair under the wig cap.

This wig will let you feel easy and confident.

The piece has been made from high-quality Modacrylic fiber that mimics the appearance of biological hair and is available in a wide range of realistic colour shades.

There is an erroneous idea about wigs and hair pieces: many people believe that they are intended to conceal one’s defects, while in actual fact this is a great possibility to highlight one’s strong points. The Modern Hair Collection from the German designers at GISELA MAYER is a pictorial evidence of that, and it shows us in a convincing way that the personality of every single person is many-sided.

  Tips and how-to's:

It is important to give your new Synthetic Hair piece as much care and protection as possible, so make sure that you invest only in good quality products. The tried-and-tested Hair Tip Liquid will prevent split ends and help you reduce wear and tear caused by friction against clothing. The unique Enhancer formulated for specific needs of artificial fibers will revive exhausted or damaged synthetic strands.

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