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Item Nr: 6365-4252

Product Type: Hairpiece

Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber

Hair Length: 12.7 cm

Attachment Method: Drawstring

Product Weight: n/a


This bun hairpiece will become your indispensable assistant in creation of a stylish and elegant hairdo. A hairdo with this hairpiece will add femininity and dignity to your image.

This simple hairpiece will instantly make you taller, slimmer and more attractive. The secure and easy attachment type allows to fix your hair effortlessly.

This hairpiece will give you self-confidence and let you feel irresistible.

  Characteristics of the model:

A drawstring attachment is most commonly used in conjunction with other attachment methods such as a straight comb or pressure sensitive clips. Apply and secure the hairpiece on a bun made from your own hair, using the incorporated comb or clips, and then gently pull the drawstring. To conceal, tuck the drawstring under the hairpiece and add a bobby pin if necessary. Wrap the additional strand of hair around the base of the ponytail to conceal the join, and secure the wrapped-around hair section with a hairpin.

The piece has been made from high-quality Modacrylic fiber that mimics the appearance of biological hair and is available in a wide range of realistic colour shades.

  Tips and how-to's:

It is important to give your new Synthetic Hair piece as much care and protection as possible, so make sure that you invest only in good quality products. The tried-and-tested Hair Tip Liquid will prevent split ends and help you reduce wear and tear caused by friction against clothing. The unique Enhancer formulated for specific needs of artificial fibers will revive exhausted or damaged synthetic strands.

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