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Item Nr: 4343

Product Type: Ladies' Wig

Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber

Hair Length: Overall - 26 cm

Cap Construction: Monofilament Crown, Lace Front

Cap Size: 55-58 cm

Product Weight: 54 gr

Ideal Face Shape: Oval, Square, Pear

  Style Inspiration:

The secret of attraction of this wig design lies in simplicity which is in this case raised to the level of perfection. Pure, laconic lines create the feeling of freshness, and texturizing together with light volume give the haircut naturalness which is absolutely fashionable nowadays. You represent elegancy, have a good sense of style and positive view of life.

  Characteristics of the model:

The right placement of hair at the crown is one of the most important characteristics that define natural look of a wig. This wig design has a small inset of Monofilament in the crown area which deals successfully with the task and exactly replicates natural hair growth.

The rest of the wig cap is wefted. The wefts are stretchy and gently embrace the head of any shape, properly securing the wig.

For the most natural look, the wig has an invisible front hairline - Lace Front, which allows to lift the fringe or brush it back to achieve the stunning effect of live hair.

The perfect choice for those who want to quickly and at a low price change their appearance or fix their hair.

The ready-to-wear synthetic hair made from Modacrylic fiber has been designed to imitate the appearance and behavior of natural human hair.

Naturalness, Style, Freedom, Self-Confidence: how important are these feelings for you? The HairPower collection is a true breath of fresh air that will help you gain or restore them. Each model in the collection embodies the energy and creative perfectionism of ELLEN WILLE, its all-time designer, and represents a result of the 50 years of her hard work. Opt for HairPower and discover exactly what you are so passionately looking for in yourself.

  Tips and how-to's:

It is important to give your new Synthetic Hair piece as much care and protection as possible, so make sure that you invest only in good quality products. The tried-and-tested Hair Tip Liquid will prevent split ends and help you reduce wear and tear caused by friction against clothing. The unique Enhancer formulated for specific needs of artificial fibers will revive exhausted or damaged synthetic strands.

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