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Item Nr: 1138-4645

Product Type: Beanie / Pull On Hat

Collection: House of Christine (Denmark)

Size: Average

Fabric: Bamboo Fabric - 95 %, Spandex - 5 %

Lining: Yes


This wonderful classic style men's beanie hat features sheer comfort, allows for a perfect fit and will for sure give pleasure to those who know the worth of practical headwear. The lightweight and soft fabrics the beanie has been made from make it virtually imperceptible while wearing and allow to maintain optimal balance of warmth and moisture under it in any weather. With these characteristics, the beanie will take a worthy place in your wardrobe and may well become your favourite accessory for everyday wear.

Feel free to make a fold-up for a different look.

The custom leather detail stitched to the edge of the item will add spice to your image.

  Fabric of the Main Product:

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass. Thanks to the peculiar porous structure of bamboo fiber, it has great insulating properties to keep the wearer cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The excellent wicking ability that pulls moisture away from the body, and antibacterial qualities that allow to reduce bacteria causing unpleasant odours, make it absolutely unique. As bamboo is breathable, highly absorbent, bacteria resistant and doesn't irritate the skin, it is perfect for people with allergies and children. On top of all of this, bamboo is light, durable, anti-static, and silky in texture, which makes it very comfortable to use.


CHRISTINE HEADWEAR is a Danish company whose products has won the love and renown of its customers all over the world. The recognizable inimitable style of this brand’s headwear items brightly reflects the unique designer idea. The superb quality of the materials, bold color schemes, and original versions of the company’s products give it a status of one of the most prestigious brands.

The Male Headwear line of men’s headwear items stands out for its modern design and sportive style. As this collection successfully combines natural and innovative fabrics, all the models possess splendid properties and are extremely comfortable to wear.

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