Women's Topper Discreet Topper

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Women's Topper Discreet Topper

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  • Discreet Topper | Cappuccino
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Item Nr: 8703-4994

Product Type: Women's Topper

Hair Type: Human Hair

Characteristics: Monofilament

Base Size: 14.3 x 14 cm

Hair Length: 12 - 30.5 cm

Attachment Method: Snap Comb Clips

Product Weight: 157 gr


The gorgeous top piece will hide the area of sparse or thin hair at the top part of the head. It perfectly blends with long hair and looks absolutely natural. This accessory will help you create additional volume and will give the desired shape to your hairdo.

The item is easy to attach to your existing hair, doesn't do harm to your strands and is easy to maintain. Style the piece using special hair styling products, or ask your hair stylist to trim it to achieve bright expression and harmony of style.

An indispensable assistant for those who in the fast rhythm of life want to look at all times stylish and attractive.

  Characteristics of the model:

The Monofilament inset is an important feature of this model. Each hair in this area is hand-tied to a mesh base, which creates the illusion of natural hair growth and allows the hair of the piece to move freely. This type of a hair piece base allows to part the hair in any direction that is needed for your hairstyle.

The rest of the topper is wefted. Stretchy wefts allow the hair piece to sit comfortably against the head.

Use the discreet small pressure sensitive clips on the underside of the base for an accurate and comfortable fit. The clips are easy to use, secure and durable.

To secure the clip, slide the teeth side of the open clip into your hair and press on the outside edges till you hear or feel a distinctive "snap" meaning that the clip is closed and attached to your strands. To open the clip, bend it in the other direction.

100% Human Hair. The nice look and soft feel of pure human hair make it irreplaceable when it comes to creating new hairstyles. The beautiful array of colour shades allows to select the colour which is the closest to the natural colour of your biological hair.

René of Paris brings to your attention a vivid and very feminine line of alternative hair, The Orchid Collection. It is no coincidence that one experiences a pleasant nostalgic feeling when looking at these charming models, as the collection includes, in addition to bold novelties, also the best hairdos from the well-known Revlon brand that have been loved by the customers for many years already.

  Tips and how-to's:

Human Hair wigs, add-ons and extensions will maintain their good condition and last longer if you use good quality shampoos, conditioners and masks formulated specially for this type of hair. You can find all the products necessary for Human Hair in the Accessories section.

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