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Item Nr: 5026-535

Product Type: Half Wig

Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber

Characteristics: Wefted

Hair Length: 60 cm

Attachment Method: Flexible Combs

Product Weight: 144 gr


The excellent solution for adding volume and length to your hair. It's perfectly integrated into your existing hair and appears amazingly natural. Your own fringe remains open, so for the people around this hairpiece looks like your own hair.

This half wig will make you attractive and self-confident, regardless of the current condition of your hair. It's comfortable to use, harmless to your hair and easy to maintain.

A great way to instantly change not only your hairdo, but your appearance on the whole, as well as to add charm and specialness to your look.

  Characteristics of the model:

The traditional base constructed from wefts provides breathability, coolness and comfort in wearing. The moderate price of such model makes it affordable for any customer.

The piece attaches to the hair with flexible combs sewn to the inside edges of the base. These soft combs contour the head and comfortably secure the piece to your own strands. Slide the combs under your hair for the most stable fit of the hair piece on your head.

The piece has been made from high-quality Modacrylic fiber that mimics the appearance of biological hair and is available in a wide range of realistic colour shades.

René of Paris brings to your attention a vivid and very feminine line of alternative hair, The Orchid Collection. It is no coincidence that one experiences a pleasant nostalgic feeling when looking at these charming models, as the collection includes, in addition to bold novelties, also the best hairdos from the well-known Revlon brand that have been loved by the customers for many years already.

  Tips and how-to's:

It is important to give your new Synthetic Hair piece as much care and protection as possible, so make sure that you invest only in good quality products. The tried-and-tested Hair Tip Liquid will prevent split ends and help you reduce wear and tear caused by friction against clothing. The unique Enhancer formulated for specific needs of artificial fibers will revive exhausted or damaged synthetic strands.

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