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Item Nr: 5577

Product Type: Beanie / Pull On Hat

Collection: Gisela Mayer - Exclusive Headwear (Germany)

Size: Average - 53-59 cm

Fabric: Bamboo Fabric - 95 %, Spandex - 5 %

Lining: Bamboo Fabric - 95 %, Spandex - 5 %

Please Note: Fabric composition may change depending on the colour of the item


The understated turban in a beautiful solid will seamlessly blend in any attire, giving you, depending on the occasion, a business or a red carpet look. This piece of headwear will serve as a protection from the wind and sun, and give a beautiful finish to your outfit.

  Fabric of the Main Product:

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass. Thanks to the peculiar porous structure of bamboo fiber, it has great insulating properties to keep the wearer cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The excellent wicking ability that pulls moisture away from the body, and antibacterial qualities that allow to reduce bacteria causing unpleasant odours, make it absolutely unique. As bamboo is breathable, highly absorbent, bacteria resistant and doesn't irritate the skin, it is perfect for people with allergies and children. On top of all of this, bamboo is light, durable, anti-static, and silky in texture, which makes it very comfortable to use.

Elastane, or Spandex, is a widely used synthetic material capable of high stretch. It is generally used blended with other man-made or natural fibers to improve their performance characteristics. In composition of blends, elastane increases shape retention and accelerates crease recovery; fabrics containing it have a nice drape which allows to style items made from them. Beside extraordinary elasticity, elastane is air permeable and durable, light, easy to wash, colour fast and resistant to distortions, abrasion and sun rays.


In its Exclusive Headwear collection, the German company GISELA MAYER has personified the image of a many-faced, refined, and irresistibly attractive woman who can predict changes and flexibly adjust to them, using all the necessary means for that. These elegant headwear items with a rich palette of all kinds of colors will protect you, make you feel cosy, and give you a charge of pleasant mood. The line includes both minimalistic-style models and sophisticated variations with decorative elements.

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