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Item Nr: 5736

Product Type: Turban

Collection: Ellen Wille - Ellen's Headwear

Size: Average

Fabric: Viscose - 95 %, Elastane - 5 %

Lining: No


The understated turban in a beautiful solid will seamlessly blend in any attire, giving you, depending on the occasion, a business or a red carpet look.

Depending on your outfit, this versatile piece of headwear may look austere, playful, festive, and even sporty. In addition, this is a very handy way to get a neat and polished look without having to visit a hairdresser.

The elastic incased at the back of the item allows to easily pull it on and hold it securely on the head.

  Fabric of the Main Product:

Viscose is a natural skin-friendly fabric with a range of advantages. Viscose is absorbent, very lightweight, doesn't build up static electricity and drapes beautifully, which gives extra attraction to items that are crafted from it. A truly perfect fabric when it comes to choosing apparel for active leisure.

Elastane, or Spandex, is a widely used synthetic material capable of high stretch. It is generally used blended with other man-made or natural fibers to improve their performance characteristics. In composition of blends, elastane increases shape retention and accelerates crease recovery; fabrics containing it have a nice drape which allows to style items made from them. Beside extraordinary elasticity, elastane is air permeable and durable, light, easy to wash, colour fast and resistant to distortions, abrasion and sun rays.


Ellen's Headwear is a vibrant collection of headwear made by the German company ELLEN WILLE. The wide variety of hats, kerchiefs and bands, as well as the great choice of colors from tranquil pastel colors to bright and bold prints, can please and adorn many women.

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