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Item Nr: 6152

Product Type: Hair for Hats

Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber

Hair Length: 30-36 cm

Attachment Method: Elastic Band

Product Weight: 64 gr


The handy and usable halo-half wig with an open top can be perfectly combined with a hat, a bandana, and a cotton knitted beanie. Use this model when the weather is too hot for wearing a wig, when you wish to spare your wig or just get some rest from it.

Using different headwear every time, you will create a number of diverse, wonderful hairstyles that you can vary depending on the situation.

  Characteristics of the model:

The item is fixed on the head with an elastic band in its base.

Note: The headwear is not included in the product.

The ready-to-wear synthetic hair made from Modacrylic fiber has been designed to imitate the appearance and behavior of natural human hair.

The Power Pieces is a splendid collection of all kinds of ponytails, chignons and hair pieces from the ELLEN WILLE brand. These refined accessories for your hair will help you not only save your precious time by smartening up your hairdo quickly and easily but also try on new looks, make a pleasant surprise for your friends and colleagues, and have your cherished dream of voluminous hair come true.

  Tips and how-to's:

It is important to give your new Synthetic Hair piece as much care and protection as possible, so make sure that you invest only in good quality products. The tried-and-tested Hair Tip Liquid will prevent split ends and help you reduce wear and tear caused by friction against clothing. The unique Enhancer formulated for specific needs of artificial fibers will revive exhausted or damaged synthetic strands.

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