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Item Nr: 6341

Product Type: Kerchief Scarf

Collection: Ellen Wille - Ellen's Headwear

Size: Average - 180 x 65 cm

Fabric: Linen - 60 %, Modal - 40 %


The charming kerchief scarf with an exquisite pattern will complement your attire, reflect your mood and allow to create your own unique image.

The vibrant, eye-catching kerchief scarf made from lightweight fabric will add a stylish twist to any outfit and highlight your personality.

  Fabric of the Main Product:

Linen is a unique sought after vegetable fabric with a wide range of attractive properties, including medical advantages. It doesn't pill or stretch, has excellent washability and is light, durable and eco-friendly. Linen fabric is naturally antiseptic, hygienic, and has excellent air and heat permeability which makes it the ideal choice for the warmer months. Hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and anti-static qualities add even more popularity to linen as the ideal fabric for a wide range of uses from apparel to home textiles. Products made from this natural material will keep you feeling cool and give you the sense of ultimate comfort.

Modal is an environmentally friendly fabric obtained from beech or eucalyptus pulp. Headwear made of modal have high strength and minimal weight, keep their shape perfectly, do not wrinkle or stretch, do not shed and retain color steadily. Due to its high hygroscopicity, the material passes air well, absorbs moisture and keeps the skin dry


Ellen's Headwear is a vibrant collection of headwear made by the German company ELLEN WILLE. The wide variety of hats, kerchiefs and bands, as well as the great choice of colors from tranquil pastel colors to bright and bold prints, can please and adorn many women.

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