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  • Erica | Amaretto & Cream
  • Erica | Amaretto & Cream
  • Erica | Amaretto & Cream
  • Erica | Amaretto & Cream
  • Erica | Amaretto & Cream
  • Erica | Amaretto & Cream
  • Erica | Amaretto & Cream

Item Nr: 6474

Product Type: Ladies' Wig

Hair Type: Human and Synthetic Hair Blend - (180 °С Max.)

Hair Length: Bang - 19-24 cm, Crown - 19-24 cm, Sides - 19-35 cm, Neck Line - 35 cm, Overall - 50 cm

Cap Construction: Monofilament Top, Lace Front, PU

Cap Size: 54-57.5 cm

Product Weight: 81 gr

Ideal Face Shape: Oval, Round, Diamond, Heart

  Style Inspiration:

The clean noble lines of this hairstyle will please both women who prefer strict elegance, and those who choose modern fashion trends. Layered haircut and a side swept fringe allow for styling which will flatter any face type. Using hair styling products and curling instruments, you can easily change your image: tender and fragile, or naughty and reckless – it’s up to you to decide. You will in any case look natural and, of course, charming.

  Characteristics of the model:

This wig design features all attributes of the highest quality and the best technologies. An excellent choice for those who value quality, comfort and naturalness.

The top part of the wig is based on Monofilament that imitates human scalp and natural hair growth. It gives you full discretion - feel free to change the shape of your hairdo, change the position and the direction of the parting and restyle the hair the way you want.

Invisible front hairline - Lace Front - is an important element of this wig. In the forehead area the hairs are tied by hand to a thin transparent mesh, which allows to lift the fringe and show the line of hair growth.

The back of the wig cap is wefted. The wefts are stretchy and the wig sits securely and comfortably against the head of any shape. It also allows to tuck your own hair under the wig cap.

The piece is a blend of 30% human hair and 70% heat-friendly synthetic hair. It allows for limitless hair styling options.

The hair of the piece has been made from a heat friendly fiber allowing for styling with heated hair styling tools. Use them at recommended temperatures to unleash the highest potential of your alternative hair and create hairdos that best blend with your image. Important! Never style your alternative hair with heat while wearing it. When using heat styling tools, do not exceed the maximum temperature recommended by the manufacturer of the piece for this type of hair.

The American designer Alan Eaton has realized his boldest ideas and inexhaustible creative energy in the ENVY WIGS collection. The many years of experience working with other renowned alternative hair brands, the insatiable passion for his lifelong love, and the infinite aspiration for innovations allow him to reach new heights again and again and to create true best sellers for his customers.

  Tips and how-to's:

Alternative hair made from blends of Human Hair and Synthetic fibers requires special care and styling products designed to meet the needs of both fiber types. Regular care with Hair Tip Liquid will help you prevent split ends and tangles and keep the item looking its best.

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