Women's Topper Charmed Life 12”

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  • Charmed Life 12” | SS14/88H
  • Charmed Life 12” | SS14/88H
  • Charmed Life 12” | SS14/88H
  • Charmed Life 12” | SS14/88H
  • Charmed Life 12” | SS14/88H
  • Charmed Life 12” | SS14/88H
  • Charmed Life 12” | SS14/88H
  • Charmed Life 12” | Before
  • Charmed Life 12” | Base

Item Nr: 7101

Product Type: Women's Topper

Hair Type: Human Hair

Characteristics: Monofilament, PU

Base Size: 8,3 x 12,7 cm

Hair Length: 30,5 cm

Attachment Method: Snap Comb Clips, Polyurethane

Product Weight: 45 gr


The top piece for hair replacement in the parting area will hide receding or weak hair. This accessory will help you create additional volume and will give the desired shape to your hairdo.

The almost weightless item is breathable and makes you feel comfortable. Secure and easy fixation makes it handy and enjoyable.

  Characteristics of the model:

Designed for use at the earliest stages of hair loss. The small base of the topper will cover thinning hair in specific areas of the scalp.

The base of the topper is Monofilament that gives the appearance of your own scalp. Each hair in this section is knotted individually by hand, which provides the effect of natural hair growth and results in the most realistic look.

The perimeter of the base is coated with PU which can also be used for additional fixation of the topper with a special glue or tape adhesives.

Use the discreet small pressure sensitive clips on the underside of the base for an accurate and comfortable fit.

To secure the clip, slide the teeth side of the open clip into your hair and press on the outside edges till you hear or feel a distinctive "snap" meaning that the clip is closed and attached to your strands. To open the clip, bend it in the other direction.

To attach the piece to the scalp, use a special double-sided adhesive tape. Before using the tape, on the spots of application, remove grease and impurities from the scalp and the PU coating of the hair piece with a special cleaner.

100% Human Hair. The nice look and soft feel of pure human hair make it irreplaceable when it comes to creating new hairstyles.

NB! The piece has been made with chemically treated human hair. Dyeing is not recommended. If you desire to change the colour of the hair, we suggest that you purchase a piece in a lighter shade and use semi-permanent dyes to correct the colour to a slightly darker shade.

The RAQUEL WELCH trademark rank among the world’s most prestigious and sought-after brands. The alternative hair line from Raquel Welch, a Hollywood movie star, was created many years ago in cooperation with the HairUWear company. Natural in appearance, easy to wear, and always gorgeous, Raquel Welch wigs are all about quality and glamor made simple. Do you want to look stunning and confident? Do not hesitate to join the millions of admirers of the RAQUEL WELCH brand!

  Tips and how-to's:

Human Hair wigs, add-ons and extensions will maintain their good condition and last longer if you use good quality shampoos, conditioners and masks formulated specially for this type of hair. You can find all the products necessary for Human Hair in the Accessories section.

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