Intensive Care Two in One Spray Balsam AH 200 ml

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Intensive Care Two in One Spray Balsam AH 200 ml

  • Two in One Spray Balsam

Item Nr: 7574

Product Type: Intensive Care

Application: Any Type of Hair

Volume: 200 ml

Revitalizing Spray-Balm for all hair types.

With timely and regular use, it shields hair colour from fading, maintains optimum moisture balance in hair, and prevents tangling and split ends. Does not weigh hair down and does not cause it to stick together, leaves the strands flexible and supple.

Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) is a vitamin B5 derivative that is similar in properties to keratin and is able to penetrate the hair structure. Seals moisture into the hair shaft, fills in micro-fractures on the hair's surface and forms around it a kind of a layer providing protection against mechanical injuries. Panthenol is successfully used in heat-treated, chemically treated or colour-treated hair repair.

The bottle capacity allows for long-term regular use. Leave-in product.

A step-by-step instruction on using the full range of Gisela Mayer Synthetic Hair products is on this page.

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