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Item Nr: 7602

Product Type: Men's Wig

Hair Type: Human & Synthetic Hair Blend - (180 °С Max.)

Hair Length: Bang - 7 cm, Crown - 8.3 cm, Sides - 6.4 cm, Back - 7 cm, Neck Line - 5.7 cm, Overall - 26 cm

Cap Construction: 100% Hand-Tied, Monofilament Top, Lace Front, PU

Cap Size: 56-58 cm

Product Weight: 53 gr

  Style Inspiration:

The simple and elegant short haircut with a fringe styled to the side opens the forehead and makes the face features more delicate. This wig design is always trendy and will suit men of any age and status. The image of a successful mature man, who is open-minded and friendly, will definitely catch the interest of people around.

  Characteristics of the model:

This model is a safe choice if you are looking for a wig with the most natural look. Enjoy the top class product at its fullest - this wig design combines the best features a wig can have.

The base of this wig is crafted on a thin soft mesh providing the supreme level of comfort during the wear. The top of the cap has an inset of Monofilament that imitates the scalp and gives naturalness to the hair of the model. The invisible front hairline - Lace Front - allows to style the fringe as you like or brush it up.

The cap base construction includes silicone-coated elements that, when applied on the scalp, give additional fixation and prevent slippage.

Minimum weight and a great amount of airflow through the wig will allow you to feel comfortable and confident.

The piece is a blend of 60% human hair and 40% heat-friendly synthetic fiber. All grey fiber is 100% heat-friendly synthetic hair.

The hair colour palette has been meticulously developed taking into account men's hair biology. The amount of grey hair vs main hair colour in the blend is so perfectly balanced that the sheer colour shade literally exudes masculinity.

A unique collection of HIM men's wigs and toppers from the American company HairUWear is an unexcelled quality and style versatility. Impeccable cap base execution combined with exclusive Excelle heat-resistant fiber and a wide variety of men's colors, will allow you to get pleasure and confidence from every moment.

Create an image of an elegant and well-groomed man in the morning or an informal and eccentric guy in the evening - it's as easy as never before. Any man at any age will be able to create his own individual image, which will look incredibly natural even at close range.

  Tips and how-to's:

Alternative hair made from blends of Human Hair and Synthetic fibers requires special care and styling products designed to meet the needs of both fiber types. Regular care with Hair Tip Liquid will help you prevent split ends and tangles and keep the item looking its best.

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