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Item Nr: 7837

Product Type: Ladies' Wig

Hair Type: Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair - (180 °С Max.)

Hair Length: Bang - 11.4 cm, Crown - 14 cm, Sides - 14 cm, Back - 16.5 cm, Neck Line - 11.4 cm, Overall - 29 cm

Cap Construction: Monofilament Top, Lace Front

Cap Size: 54-57 cm

Product Weight: 124 gr

  Style Inspiration:

A totally head-turning haircut. Long fringe and light, flowing layered locks create the image of a successful and positive personality. You can succeed in anything and are open to the world.

  Characteristics of the model:

The front edge of the wig is a thin sheer Lace Front to which hairs are tied by hand. The mesh remains undetectable and sits tight against your head, and the line of hair growth looks absolutely natural.

The top part of the wig is based on Monofilament that imitates human scalp and natural hair growth. It gives you full discretion - feel free to change the shape of your hairdo, change the position and the direction of the parting and restyle the hair the way you want.

The rest of the wig cap is wefted. The wefts are stretchy and gently embrace the head of any shape, properly securing the wig.

This wig will let you feel easy and confident. The flexible hair is always ready to implement your creative hair styling ideas. Let your mood decide how to style it today.

The hairpiece is made of high-quality heat-resistant new generation fiber. Under the influence of high temperature this material can easily take the desired shape and maintain it for a long time. Fine silky fibers with its natural sheen look and feel like healthy human hair.

KIM KIMBLE is a name synonymous with hair excellence. As an eminent celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert, Kimble has shaped looks for icons such as Beyoncé, Shakira, Rihanna and more. The long journey from childhood passion for fashion to the status of "Queen of Hair" is a testament to her inexhaustible talent. With their innovative techniques, Kim Kimble wigs are the key to your own unique style. Enter the world of Kim Kimble and experience the allure of Hollywood glamour!

  Tips and how-to's:

To maintain the optimal look and feel and prolong the lifespan of your Heat Resistant wearable hair, you must use specially formulated hair care products. The professional Hair Tip Liquid will prevent hair from tangling and help you avoid the formation of split ends, will make the strands soft to the touch and easy to manage.

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