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Item Nr: 8156

Product Type: Turban

Collection: Gisela Mayer - Exclusive Headwear (Germany)

Size: Average

Fabric: Cotton - 100 %

Please Note: Pattern of multi-coloured fabrics may vary slightly


The charming turban will be the perfect choice for a vibrant and confident woman. It is a universal element for any wardrobe, that creates both your look and mood.

The short soft ribbons sewn on the headdress allow for an instant and effortless change of style. Choose the way of tying that will let you look your best in your attire.

  Fabric of the Main Product:

Cotton is an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic vegetable fabric. It is breathable, pleasantly tactile, absorbent, and doesn't build up static electricity. You will always feel comfortable in items made from cotton.


In its Exclusive Headwear collection, the German company GISELA MAYER has personified the image of a many-faced, refined, and irresistibly attractive woman who can predict changes and flexibly adjust to them, using all the necessary means for that. These elegant headwear items with a rich palette of all kinds of colors will protect you, make you feel cosy, and give you a charge of pleasant mood. The line includes both minimalistic-style models and sophisticated variations with decorative elements.

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