Care Kit Care Set SH 200 ml

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Care Kit Care Set SH 200 ml

  • Care Set SH 200 ml
  • Care Set SH 200 ml

Item Nr: 8341

Product Type: Care Kit

Application: Synthetic Hair

Volume: 3 x 200 ml

Basic care products kit for full complex care for synthetic hair.

For the best result, it is recommended to use the full care product line. Useful ingredients in formulas of the products work synergistically together complementing each other which enhances hair resilience to wear and tear and allows to keep the tresses in excellent condition for a long time.

Special shampoo for quality hair care. For items made from synthetic hair. Effectively removes odours and impurities from alternative hair, prepares it for the following intensive care steps.

Restorative balm for synthetic hair. Restores the initial look, flexibility and resilience of synthetic fibers, reduces negative impact of external factors on alternative hair. After use, the hair looks refreshed, is less prone to tangling and gains lively luster.

Intensive care spray conditioner for synthetic and human hair. Does not weigh hair down and does not cause it to stick together, leaves the strands flexible and supple. A must for summer months when heat and sunlight cause the hair of the wig to dry and fade faster.

Hair brush for alternative hair. Perfect choice for daily care for alternative hair.

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