How to put on a wig

How to put on a wig



Like with any other thing, experience comes with practice. Therefore the most reliable way to learn how to put the wig on is to repeat the action several times.

Do not get upset if your first reaction to your reflection in the mirror upsets you. It is natural because you need to align the wig first, and to style the hair. Carry the whole thing to completion.


STEP 1  Prepare your hair

Before putting the wig on, clear your own hair away in the right way.

Use a regular wig liner to gather short hair. Pull the liner down onto your neck over your head. Now hold its upper edges and pull it back up onto your head.

Long hair has to be spread uniformly over the scalp surface and fixed at a sufficient distance from the hairline. To do that, separate your pair into two parts with a central parting, wisp each of them, and set them on your head. Fixate the result with hairgrips or a wig liner.


STEP 2  Prepare the wig

Take the wig out of the wrapping. Take it at the base and shake gently for the hair to break loose and separate from one another. This action is very important and, as a rule, it is quite sufficient for the wig to look natural.

If you desire to style the hair into a special shape or to pre-set it, put the wig on the wig stand first.

For synthetic hair, it is enough to spray a very small amount of conditioner or cold water onto it. It will take its initial shape at once. Now you can style the hair into the desired shape.

Human hair does not need moistening. You can proceed to styling or curling it at once.


STEP 3  Put on the wig

Apply the front edge of the wig to your forehead area and press it. Pull the back part of the cap base towards the back of your head and put the wig on your head.

Align the wig position in such a way that its front edge will be located precisely on your hairline. The cap base must be positioned properly, without dislocation sideways, or towards your forehead or the back of your head. There are temporal inserts on the sides of the wig, which will help you align it.

If you feel that the wig fits too tightly or too loosely, adjust its size on the inside using the straps.

Attention! If you are using a model with the Lace Front, exercise caution and do not pull at it in the process of putting it on to avoid damaging it.


STEP 4  Set your hair

Now your wig is ready for the final setting and creating an accomplished look.

Do not set the wig hairs closely to one another to make the hair look thick. It is only lightless and strands floating freely that can let your new hairstyle look natural.


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