How to use a wig

How to use a wig



What you need to know about wigs?  How many wigs do you need?

These simple tips will help you save your time and money as well as get the best out of your wig.



If you are not happy with the purchased wig, don't get upset so fast. Simply return it to us and choose another model. The main requirement is to send the item back in its original condition.

For daily use, you will need at least two wigs. Depending on circumstances, these can be identical or different models. Remember that headcovers can serve as a good replacement for wearable hair at the time of washing your item or if you want to give your head a break from the wig.

To care for your wig, remember to use only specially formulated care products that match your wig's hair type. Never use for wearable hair the care products designed for bio-hair, as these products are not formulated for synthetic fibers and alternative human hair.

Wash the item only when it is dirty. Excessive and repeated washing will shorten the lifespan of your alternative hair.

Use hair holding sprays and gels sparingly. Overuse of these product results in quick product residue build up, causes dirty and greasy appearance of the hair, and leads to repeated washing of the item.

Protect your synthetic alternative hair from high temperatures. A burst of heat from an oven, hot steam from boiling water, or a curling iron will cause irreparable damage to the fiber and ruin your wig.

Protect the hair of your wig from salt water, rainwater and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Never comb curly synthetic hair. To comb and style items with this hair texture, use only your fingers.

Don't trim your wig by yourself if you do not have relevant experience. For example, if you take too much length off the fringe, its hair will stick up and this defect will be impossible to repair.

Store your wig on a special wig stand. For long-term storage, put the wig into the cardboard box it was purchased in.




Minimum list of wig care products includes:

- Wig Stand for storing, drying, and styling wigs;

- Comb with wide rounded teeth;

- Shampoo & Balsam.

Supplementary Accessories that make wearing a wig more comfortable are:

- To protect hair from wear and tear, matting and split ends: Masks, Oils and Conditioners;

- For hair styling and fixation: Hair Sprays, Hair Gels and Hair Mousses;

- Wig Fixation: Silicone, Double-Sided Tape, Snap Clips, Glue and Cleanser;

- Wearing Comfort: Wig Liner, Wig Cap, Hygienic liners, Wig Grip Headband.


Everything you need to use the wig and care for it are here:



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