What are the differences between wigs?

What are the differences between wigs?

Wig Cap Construction


The diversity of wig cap constructions used in the alternative hair industry is amazingly rich and wig caps continue to evolve in order to give the wig wearers the best quality and comfort.

On this page you will learn about the most common wig construction types and what are the functions of the basic elements of a wig cap.


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Traditional machine made wigs are crafted entirely on elastic wefts.

You can pull your own hair through the openings between wefts. It will allow to fix the wig on the head more securely and blend your existing hair with the hair of the wig.


Pros of this type:

  • Minimum price;

  • Good air permeability;

  • Ease of use, care and storage;

  • Stretchability and ability to take the shape of the head.



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Lace Front is another name for an invisible front line. A sheer mesh to which hairs are tied individually creates the illusion of natural hair growth in the forehead area.

The Lace Front element in the wig can be of any shape, width and depth. This element can be found in most premium class wigs and in some inexpensive machine made wigs.


Pros of this type:

  • Realistic appearance;

  • Possibility to lift the fringe and style it to your taste.


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Monofilament is a translucent mesh that imitates human scalp. Upon closer inspection, creates the realistic look of live hair growing from the scalp. Each hair is tied to the material individually, which gives the hair of a wig natural behaviour and manageability.

The insets of Monofilament can be of any size and shape and are used in the most open and important places: crown, parting area, top of the wig. The bigger is the size of this element in the wig cap, the higher is the price of the item.


Pros of this type:

  • Realistic appearance;

  • More natural hair density;

  • Possibility to change the position of the parting and style the hair the way you like.


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The 100% Hand Tied wig cap is by any standard the most attractive choice. The absence of internal seams and the material that feels very soft against the scalp allow to forget that you are wearing a wig. The hairs that are individually hand knotted into the base provide amazingly realistic behaviour and the most natural look of the strands.

The caps of the premium class models include hand-tied elements, insets of Monofilament and Lace Front at once. Often, this type of a wig cap is supplemented by elements of polyurethan, for the most secure fixation of the wig on the head. For more precise characteristics, see descriptions of alternative hair products.


Pros of this type:

  • Minimum weight and best ventilation possible;

  • Flawless appearance;

  • Maximum wearing comfort;

  • Natural hair density and ideal hair manageability.



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