Wig or Topper - Which one is better?

Wig or Topper - Which one is better?

Toppers vs. Wigs


Thick and healthy hair never goes out of fashion and is much desired by those who cannot boast it due to various circumstances. The modern alternative hair industry offers its clients lots of possibilities, the most popular of which are wigs, chignons, and hair extension. But there is also another way of concealing a medical problem or making some corrections to your natural looks. There exists one more option for those who are looking for a worthy alternative to the above-mentioned accessories, and it is a hair topper.

A topper is a truly unique product that is able to address a wide variety of issues, whether it is replacing complete or, more importantly, partial hair loss, creating a new style and look, increasing the hair volume, or just making corrections to your hairstyle or head shape.

So, what are the practical advantages and drawbacks of a topper compared to a wig?

The benefits of toppers:

  • A hair topper is only a small-sized accessory that allows for resolving the existing problem locally. If the major part of your hair is healthy, there is no need at all to hide it under a wig. So it is much easier to get used to the thought of wearing a topper than to begin to wear a wig.

  • Due to the fact that your own hair is visible simultaneously with the topper, the end result looks amazingly realistic.

  • The small size and light weight of the product.

  • The scalp sweats less and can breathe better.

  • The hair of the topper can be put up into a hairstyle together with your own hair, which is impossible if you use a wig.

  • In most cases, toppers are more affordably priced because production requires a smaller quantity of materials.


The drawbacks of toppers:

- The color of the topper must be a maximally precise match to the color of your own hair. In some cases, you may have to dye your hair to match the product’s color.

- In case of any change in the condition of the area of your head that needs to be covered you may have to replace your topper with a product of a different size and with a different base shape.

- The acquisition of skills necessary for attaching the topper correctly and setting its hair will require more time than in the case of a wig.

- To modify the hairstyle on human hair it is necessary to style the topper and your own hair separately to avoid damaging your hair.

- Every time when you take off your topper you have to exercise caution and remember to open the clips before doing that.

Like with any other thing, experience comes with practice. After some time the last three items of this list will cease to be of relevance to you.


Despite its modest size and the minor inconveniences related to its use, a topper is a functional product that you can opt for under appropriate circumstances. If you are mentally prepared for some changes, and at the same time you feel that you can still hold off on wearing a wig, consider using a topper, as chances are good that it is the right product for you.

All toppers are classified into four groups, each of which is intended for use on a particular area of the scalp. Please take a look at the review of the most interesting models for each group:



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